Motion Graphics for Trivago Hotel Search

Trivago is a hotel meta-search website. I'm happy, that I had a chance to contribute to its success by being part of Brand Marketing team and together with other Motion Designers and Producers creating TV and video spots for more than 55 different markets. 

Designing Global Animation Templates

As the company is advertising in so many markets around the globe, the topic of consistency is quiet challenging.

I am in charge of designing and animating graphical templates for global library — each template has to meet universal standards meaning it has to work in any language, any currency, any lengths of words and numbers. My goal as Motion Designer  is to come up with the solution, that transfers the look and feel of the website keeping the most important elements, but at the same time to simplify the real website design to a certain abstraction level so that it's digestible in motion picture medium. 


Mr Trivago Campaign

During my years in the company I had a chance to work on several advertisement campaigns. Mr Trivago turned out to be the most successful campaign for the business. Tested first in US market it was soon adapted globally in more than 55 countries. I was working on pre-production, set supervision and post-production of several international adaptations. One of the most challenging tasks was to develop a graphical and animation template sustainable to data changes and suitable to be shared externally.

Here is an one of the clips I worked on - 30s spot for Mr Trivago for Russian market.


Mr Trivago US - Hotel Owner spot

I had a chance to work on several original ideas for Mr Trivago campaign. One of them was aiming to explain the reasons why the same hotel room can have different prices on different websites. The script was featuring the character of the hotel owner. So I took it from there and was developed the look of the character called Jim -- sympathetic hotel owner. After defining the look on sketches I mad the 3D model and the rig in Cinema4D.


After the character was approved, I developed the storyboard, provided technical supervision for the shoot on set and then since there was no rush for delivery was working single-handed on all the next stages of the post-production: editing, keying, colour correction, 2D and 3D animations, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing. 


The final spot turned out to be quiet successful in US and got 2 follow-up spots digging deeper into peculiarities of the topic. Here is the original piece. 


Mr Trivago ES - Boundless maps

To advertise the new feature of the website I was asked to develop TV spot's visuals for Spanish market as part of Mr Trivago campaign. The challenge was to launch the spot at the same time as the feature goes life which resulted in having very tight deadline. Given that the visual idea had to be vey simple -- meaning easy to shoot in a green studio and easy to post-produce. Since the topic of the spot was improvements of map user experience having the user's fingers as if interacting with spot's visuals in the same manner they would interact with the map seemed like an easy and playful visual solution. Having that as a base I made a quick storyboard. 


It seemed like an easy 2 scenes shoot with linear tracking, but technical challenge was the resolution, since we wanted to change the scaling from close-up to wide shot within the same take. The perfect solution was to shoot both scenes vertically and deal with lens distortions on post-production stage. This way we could achieve the best quality and keep it efficient and quick on set. The post-production also gave me the chance to deal with several challenges especially regarding the look of the map, but I ended up with pretty satisfying result, which also worked quiet well on TV for business.

The original spot was later adapted in many other markets with local actors using the same motion design template. 


Art direction for US Ideal Hotel 60s spot

Working with external agency brings extra challenges to the process of making an ad for the company with in-house production. In this, one of the most recent, projects my role was to guide the agency's team — creative producer and post-production coordinator — to get the spot fitting trivago's brand guidelines and having its look&feel. We worked together on the storyboards and animatic to get the right rhythm of the scenes and transitions, found the right art-direction, worked together on set and finally on post-production, where I apart from supervising the process, took care of the product animation part. As an outcome we got the new 60 seconds spot for US market, that refreshed the concept of Mr Trivago for the audience yet staying recognised and trusted.